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The scenic spot is located in Yugan County, Jiangxi Province, next to the Kangshan dike beside Poyang Lake. The scenic spot is about 25km away from Yugan County, about 30 minutes by car, about 110km away from Nanchang City, about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car. The overall planning of the whole project is about 200000 mu, of which the planned area of the core tourist service area is about 2000 mu, which can be divided into the first phase of "fish town characteristic area" and "Poyang Lake Culture Exhibition Area"; the second phase of "folk custom body" In the third phase of "ecological leisure resort", Poyang Lake adheres to President Xi's strategy of "Rural Revitalization", which is oriented by rural agricultural sightseeing, farming cultural experience, rural leisure sports and Poyang Lake Ecology, and has multiple business forms such as production, life, ecology and culture.
Our current location is the ecological parking lot of Poyang Lake scenic area, with a total area of about 11000 square meters, including two car parks and non car parks. The car park can park 20 buses and 210 cars. The design of the parking lot atmosphere is beautiful and generous. The overall environment is built with the theme of birds and plants in Poyang Lake wetland, providing tourists with beautiful visual sense enjoyment, and letting them know the relevant knowledge of Poyang Lake wetland ecosystem. The front is the 2A toilet in the scenic spot, covering an area of about 80 square meters. The third toilet is equipped with baby care table and child safety wall mounted seats. According to the design specification of the toilet for the disabled, the toilet, urinal and washbasin are equipped with handrails for the disabled. The theme of the toilet in the scenic spot is Poyang Lake ecological wetland, flowers, birds, fish and insects, and flower language.
The tourist center covers an area of 2500 square meters. It has the functions of complaint handling, ticket selling, consultation, medical treatment, mother and baby, etc. it provides humanized and personalized services for tourists, as well as goods storage, baby carriage, wheelchair, hearing aid rental, mobile phone charging, etc. What we see now is the service reception desk. On the left is the ticket office, which is equipped with electronic touch screen, self-service ticket machine and manual ticket selling, so that tourists can feel the new scenic spot integrating rural eco-tourism and modern wisdom. This area is the functional area of the tourist center (on the left and right) this is the complaint room, which is dedicated to providing complaint services for tourists. Next to it are the monitoring room and the police room. Further on, there are mother and baby rooms and medical rooms equipped with professional doctors to protect the safety and health of tourists. Mother and baby rooms provide convenience for tourists with children. There are two exhibition halls on the back of the front desk, and on the left is the finless porpoise protection experience hall. By using finless porpoise specimens, cartoon modeling, film and television materials, interactive equipment, animation works, knowledge painting walls, etc., tourists can understand finless porpoise and care about it Finless porpoise, protect finless porpoise. On the right is the migratory bird culture experience hall, which is equipped with migratory bird specimen display and migratory bird photo wall. Through scientific and technological means, a migratory bird migration channel is built to allow tourists to experience the shocking scene of migratory bird migration in Poyang Lake. The simulated incubation device is used to display the scene of migratory bird incubation.
On the second floor of the tourist center, there is a 5D cinema called "flying over Poyang Lake". It is mainly used to immerse tourists to experience the most beautiful scenery, the most spectacular scene and the most moving style of Poyang Lake. There are 54 dynamic seats in the cinema, with the top and wall surfaces remaining as they are, and the ground is adjusted according to the seats. 5D film enables the audience to achieve the most powerful sense of reality from hearing, vision and touch. It is like being in the film. Through environmental simulation, it can achieve environmental effects such as wind, rain, electricity, smoke, snowflake, bubble, etc. along with the change of film content, it can feel being in the film in real time. There are mirror maze and finless porpoise Experience Hall in front. The mirror maze uses the straight-line propagation of light and the principle of plane mirror imaging to let the tourists' figure cross between the mirror and toughened glass for countless times, that is, reflection and refraction, which makes people feel confused and wonderful, and improves the attraction. The finless porpoise Experience Hall, finless porpoise, is known as the panda in the water and the smiling angel of the Yangtze River. Poyang Lake is the main habitat of finless porpoise and the last refuge of finless porpoise. There are about 1012 finless porpoises in the Yangtze River and about 457 in Poyang Lake in China. In order to protect the finless porpoise, we have expanded the finless porpoise Bay in the Kangshan dike, launched the rural Poyang Lake scenic spot to watch the finless porpoise and spread the finless porpoise protection knowledge to the public. The theme exhibition hall of Yugan porpoise will be built to publicize the scientific knowledge of the porpoise, to witness the efforts and achievements of Yugan to protect the ecology and biology for a clear lake, to build a demonstration benchmark, to build a monument and to play a new movement of harmony.
Now we see the specialty sales area, which has some special products with Poyang Lake theme. On the left is the film and television hall, which provides film and television broadcasting for tourists to rest. Now we see that the propaganda film of the scenic spot is playing, so that tourists can feel the cultural characteristics of the scenic spot when they rest.
Now what we see is the tractor sightseeing car provided by the scenic spot for tourists. The tractor sightseeing battery car is used for rural sightseeing activities, which is suitable for families, couples and the elderly to experience.
Planting lotus root, Zizania latifolia, perfume lotus and other aquatic vegetables, and cultivating ornamental fish such as koi carp. Add rest post. Different types of three-dimensional cultivation columns have been built in the three-dimensional cultivation area of leafy vegetables. The cultivation tank is filled with soil, without integrated equipment of water and fertilizer, and the ground water is serious.
The fifth function area, space vegetable planting area, is to use the space environment which can be achieved by the return spacecraft and high-altitude balloon to mutate the plants to produce beneficial variation, that is to make ordinary seeds become space seeds. The nutritional content of space vegetables is higher than that of ordinary vegetables, and the beneficial microelements iron, zinc and carotene have been improved. At the same time, the color, size and shape of vegetables have undergone incredible changes. It is planted with space green pepper, space cucumber, space tomato and space cowpea.
The sixth functional area, the colorful tomato planting area, can be divided into pink tomato, red tomato, yellow tomato, green tomato, purple tomato and colorful tomato according to the fruit color. According to the shape of the fruit, it can be divided into: flat round tomato, round tomato, high round tomato, long tomato species, peach tomato, etc. The growth cycle of tomato is 6-9 months.
The cultivation methods of modern agricultural garden include pipe cultivation, water cultivation, air mist cultivation and three-dimensional greening.
Pipe culture can be divided into pipe matrix culture and pipe soilless culture. The pipe type soilless cultivation device is composed of plant cultivation room, nutrient liquid pool, automatic timing water supply device, water supply and return pipes. The device has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and high automation. It has the advantages of easy construction, convenient management, clean environment and easy control of pests and diseases.
Hydroponics, hydroponics pipeline system consists of liquid supply pipe, reflux tank, water pump, timer, pipes at all levels, liquid storage tank, etc. The hydroponics pipeline ensures the efficient absorption of liquid fertilizer by crops, as well as the uniform absorption of trace elements and nutrients required; the operation is simple, the management is convenient, and the root environment of crops reaches the best state, so it only needs to supplement fertilizer on time; it can be used to cultivate crops, various vegetables and flowers, different crops can be cultivated at the same time, or continuous cropping 。
Aerosol cultivation is a new cultivation method. It is a soilless culture technology that spray the nutrient solution into small droplets and spray directly into the plant roots to provide water and nutrients for plant growth. It can double the crop yield, replace the soil environment with the artificial crop root environment, effectively solve the contradiction of water, air and nutrient supply which is difficult to solve in the traditional soil cultivation, and make the crop root system under the most suitable environmental conditions, so as to give full play to the growth potential of the crop and greatly improve the plant growth and biomass.
Three dimensional greening, intelligent vegetable raising machine and intelligent balcony agriculture make full use of different site conditions on the ground and choose different plants to be planted in the artificial transformation environment.
On the way to the scenic spot, leaders must have noticed the water area on the right side, which is Poyang Lake. Poyang Lake used to be a big basin. 70 million years ago, due to the great movement of the earth's crust, a broad depression was formed in two major fault zones, Tianjie lake. Under normal water level, the lake has more than 3000 square kilometers and a volume of 30 billion cubic meters. It is sparkling and spectacular. It has always been called "Mother Lake" by Jiangxi people. Poyang Lake is the largest freshwater lake in China and the most important wetland in the Yangtze River Basin. Poyang Lake also has six biggest: 1. The best image ambassador: Yangtze River finless porpoise, the world's most endangered species, national first-class protected animals, giant panda in the water, Yangtze River smiling ambassador; 2. The most widely known event: Poyang Lake war, where Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Youlang fought against each other at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, which is a classic battle in history. Along the Kangshan levee, Zhu Yuanzhang built it for his martyrs Zhongchen temple has been built; 3 most shocking scenes: migrating birds, flying birds; 4 most beautiful landscapes: Polygonum flower sea; 5 most abundant products: Aquatic crops, ecological aquatic products; 6 most controversial topic: origin of Jiangxi Laobiao.
Dear leaders, the on-site tour of the scenic spot is coming to an end. Next, we will go to the conference room to make a creation report for all experts. I hope today's visit and explanation will impress you deeply, and I hope you will give us valuable opinions and suggestions. We will continue to improve and improve the service management level. Thank you!

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