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Agricultural Science and Technology Park

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Agricultural Science and Technology Park



The total area of ​​the glass greenhouse in the Agricultural Science and Technology Park is 22,000 square meters (about 33 acres). A 64-meter by 60-meter vacant space is left in the middle of the greenhouse to form a courtyard-type glass greenhouse.
The glass greenhouse is equipped with internal and external shading systems, top-open windows and water curtain cooling systems. According to the needs of the greenhouse function, it is equipped with equipment systems such as sprinkler irrigation system and intelligent control of the Internet of Things greenhouse.
Agricultural science and technology park, using soilless cultivation technology, space agricultural technology, three-dimensional planting technology, circular agricultural technology, greenhouse planting technology and other agricultural technology technologies, making it an efficient agricultural display place, melon and fruit picking experience place, agricultural plant research place, leisure Agricultural sightseeing spot. The glass greenhouse is mainly based on production demonstration and has both leisure and tourism functions.
The greenhouse is divided into 6 functional areas: dragon fruit picking area, rare melon and fruit planting area, atrium vine flower area, technology cultivation area, space vegetable planting area, and colorful tomato planting area. It can be used by tourists for picking experience and casual tasting.
The first functional area is the dragon fruit picking area: dragon fruit is also called red dragon fruit, green dragon fruit, fairy fruit, etc. At present, the main cultivated varieties are white dragon fruit, red dragon fruit, and yellow dragon fruit. The dragon fruit growth period is 1-5 years, and can grow to 6-7 meters high. Planting requires loose, fertile soil and good drainage.
The second functional area is the planting area of ​​exotic fruits: varieties include bitter gourd, cucumber, and loofah.
The third functional area is the (Central Courtyard) vine flower area: in the atrium space, planting rose vines, bougainvillea flowers, wisteria flowers, garlic flowers, etc., form a three-dimensional flower space with vine-wrapped corridors and flowers in bloom, becoming a tourist photo check , Internet celebrity attractions for leisure and recreation.
The fourth functional area is a scientific and technological cultivation area: it includes three small areas of strawberry layer cultivation area, and strawberry varieties with different fruit colors, fruit shapes and flower colors are selected. There are Snow White, Red Cheeks, and Zhang Ji. Aquatic plants, fish and vegetable symbiosis area, lotus root, lotus root, perfume lotus, and other aquatic vegetables are grown, and ornamental fish such as koi are cultivated. Add rest stations. Leaf vegetable three-dimensional cultivation area, different types of three-dimensional cultivation columns have been built. The cultivation tank is filled with soil and water-free fertilizer integrated equipment, and the water area is severe.
The fifth functional area, the space vegetable planting area, refers to the use of the space environment that can be achieved by returning spacecraft and high-altitude balloons to induce mutagenic effects on plants to produce beneficial mutations, that is, making ordinary seeds into space seeds. The nutritional content of space vegetables is higher than that of ordinary vegetables, and the trace elements iron, zinc, and carotene that are beneficial to the human body have been improved. At the same time, the color, size, and shape of vegetables have changed incredible. Inside are space green peppers, space cucumbers, space tomatoes, and space cowpeas.
The sixth functional area, the colorful tomato planting area, can be divided into pink fruit tomatoes, red fruit tomatoes, yellow fruit tomatoes, green fruit tomatoes, purple tomatoes, and colorful tomatoes according to fruit color. According to the shape of the fruit, it can be divided into: oblate tomatoes, round tomatoes, tall round tomatoes, long tomato species, peach tomatoes and so on. Tomato growth cycle is 6-9 months.
栽培 Cultivation methods of modern agricultural gardens include pipe cultivation, hydroponics, aerosol cultivation, and three-dimensional greening.
Pipe culture can be divided into pipe-type substrate culture and pipe-type soilless culture. The pipeline type soilless cultivation device is composed of a plant cultivation room, a nutrient solution pool, an automatic timing water supply device, a water supply and a return water pipeline. The device has simple structure, low cost and high degree of automation. It has the advantages of easy construction, convenient management, clean environment, and easy control of diseases and insect pests.
Hydroponics, hydroponics piping system consists of liquid supply pipes, return tanks, pumps, timers, pipelines at all levels, storage tanks, etc. The hydroponics pipeline guarantees the crops' efficient absorption of liquid fertilizers, as well as the trace elements and nutrients required for uniform absorption; the operation is simple, the management is convenient, and the root environment of the crop reaches the optimal state, so it is only necessary to add fertilizer on time Yes; it can be used to cultivate crops, various vegetables and flowers throughout the year, and different crops can be cultivated at the same time.
Aerosol cultivation is a new type of cultivation method. It is a soilless cultivation technology that uses a spray device to atomize the nutrient solution into small mist droplets and directly sprays it to the roots of plants to provide water and nutrients needed for plant growth. It can multiply crop yields and replace the soil environment with artificially created crop root environment. It can effectively solve the contradiction of water, air and nutrient supply that is difficult to solve in traditional soil cultivation, and keep the crop root system under the most suitable environmental conditions. Thus, the growth potential of the crop can be brought into play, and the plant growth and biomass can be greatly improved.
Three-dimensional greening, intelligent vegetable cultivator and intelligent balcony agriculture make full use of different site conditions on the ground, and choose a variety of different plants to plant in an artificially transformed environment.

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