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Landscape Culture of Poyang Lake

Relying on the ancient battlefield cultural resources of Poyang Lake war, highlighting the fishing and hunting culture, developing cormorant fishing and hunting performances, taking loyalty culture as the core, building a entertainment, leisure and sightseeing complex with the theme of "scenery + culture + Leisure and vacation".
Cormorant fishing is an ancient skill handed down by Chinese working people for thousands of years. Cormorant has excellent fishing skills. In China, cormorants have long been domesticated and used for fishing. This skill has been lost for a long time in many parts of China. In order to show the old skill that has been handed down for thousands of years, we have worked hard to find fishermen who master this skill near Poyang Lake.
In Poyang Lake, fishermen take domesticated cormorants with them when they catch fish. Cormorants stand neatly on the bamboo rafts, each wearing a straw around their necks. Straw is used to prevent cormorants from stealing when they catch fish. When cormorants find fish, they jump into the water to fish. Because of the straw tied around their necks, cormorants can't swallow the fish they catch, so they have to carry the fish back to the bamboo raft. After the owner took the fish down, the cormorant went down again to fish. When encountering large fish, several cormorants will work together to catch them. Some of them peck at the fish's eyes, some bite the fish's tail, some take the fish's fins, and they cooperate very well. After fishing, the host takes off the cormorant's straw and rewards the prepared fish to them. This kind of fishing is very interesting and effective.
The main star of the "cormorant performance" project in zhongchenmiao scenic area is Yuan Mou, a local fisherman in Fuqian village. Master yuan is an old fisherman born in the local area. He has mastered cormorant fishing technology for more than 40 years. Master yuan has an indissoluble relationship with cormorant since he was a child. He is the fifth generation of master yuan. Fishermen take care of cormorants just as farmers take care of their cows. They call them "fishermen's treasure". In particular, there is a white Cormorant in master yuan's cormorant team. The white cormorant is 25 years old. It is one of master yuan's right assistants. The white cormorant is very rare, and the value of the white cormorant is more than 100000 yuan. The white cormorant can catch about 10kg in a day. It is not only a good fisherman, but also a small cormorant Many young cormorants are learning fishing skills from this white cormorant.
Cormorant is not only a good fisherman, but also a symbol of a happy marriage in ancient times. So when cormorant performs, it also brings good wishes to the audience. Let's welcome master yuan and his cormorants to the stage!

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