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Idyllic Poyang Lake Scenic Area

The idyllic Poyang Lake Scenic Area is located in Yugan County, Jiangxi Province, next to the Kangshan Embankment by the Poyang Lake. The scenic area is about 25km away from Yugan County, about 30 minutes by car, and about 110km from Nanchang City by car for about 1.5 hours. 200,000 mu, of which the core tourist service area has a planned area of about 2,000 mu, which can be divided into the first phase of "Fish Township Style and Customs Area" and "Lake Lake Cultural Exhibition Area"; the second phase of "Folk Customs Experience Area" and "Farmland Landscape Tour" District "; the third phase of" ecological leisure resort ", Poyang Lake adheres to President Xi's" village revitalization "strategy, guided by pastoral agricultural tourism, farming cultural experience, pastoral leisure sports, Poyang Lake ecology, and combines production, life, ecology , Culture, etc.

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Address: Rural Poyang Lake Scenic Area, Yugan County, Jiangxi  
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