Yugan Kangshan Zhongchen Temple AAAA Grade Scenic Spot [Package Ticket] Elderly / Children Ticket
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Yugan Kangshan Zhongchen Temple AAAA Grade Scenic Spot [Package Ticket] Elderly / Children Ticket

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Welcome to Zhongchen Temple Scenic Area. Before you buy tickets, please understand the ticket instructions in detail
1. Business hours: 10: 00-17: 00;
2. The ticket price is 50 yuan / person, and the discount ticket is 30 yuan.
3. Concessionary tickets: Child weights below 14 meters (excluding 14 meters) to 12 meters (excluding 12 meters), children aged 60 years (including 60 years) to 65 years (excluding 65 years), People with disabilities can purchase discount tickets with valid credentials;
4. Free of charge: Children under 12 meters (including 12 meters) in height are free of charge. A full-price ticket is limited to one child who meets the standard of free tickets. Active disabled soldiers, guide cards, press cards, 65 Elderly people (including 65 years old) are free of charge with valid documents.
5. Tourists will enter the scenic area with tickets, one for each person, the tickets will be valid on the same day and will be voided the next day;
6. Please pay for the ticket when you buy the ticket. Tickets sold are not refundable. Tickets are lost and you are responsible for them;
7. Tickets will not be refunded after entering the scenic area and cannot be reused. If you re-enter the park after leaving the park, you must purchase another ticket;
8. When tourists enter the scenic area, please follow the instructions for tourists to enter the park. The consequences caused by non-compliance with the safety precautions shall be borne by the tourists themselves;
9. This promissory note cannot be used for any commercial purpose (such as: transfer, sale). Once verified, Zhongchen Temple reserves the right to safeguard legal rights;
10. The scenic area may cancel the show or close the scenic area due to bad weather, special events, force majeure and other reasons, and the ticket cannot be refunded;
11. The right of final interpretation of the above clauses belongs to Zhongchen Temple Scenic Area
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