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Penghui Zhiqing Hotel

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Yugan Hotel
Established in 2018, Penghui Zhiqing Hotel Co., Ltd. is located on the shore of Yugan Poyang Lake, a Penghui Pohu Ecological Homeland, which is rich in "dream water town" and "migrant bird paradise". The rivers and rivers under its jurisdiction are covered with lakes and rivers, green waves and silver waves in spring, thyme in summer, fish and shrimp in autumn, and thousands of birds in winter. They are poetic and picturesque rural 4A-level tourist attractions.
The unique landscape and hometown of the educated youth, “Thousands of cranes make trouble in the lake, all people watch”, “No clouds and moon when flying, no grass by the lake” and the hometown of educated youth, gave birth to the Penghui educated youth hotel. The educated youth hotel covers an area of ​​1,800 square meters. It has 10 private rooms and 40 dining tables on the first floor, and can receive comprehensive banquets such as wedding banquets, business meetings and various parties for more than 400 guests at the same time. The second floor guest room has 60 beds. And 3 chess and card rooms, two luxurious suites; the third floor is equipped with tea room, recreation room, 10-bed TCM physiotherapy room and a large conference room that can accommodate more than 100 people; it also supports a youth research base with more than 200 people.
The educated youth hotel uses the unique natural features of Yugan's unique acres of millions of acres of rivers and lakes, beautiful wetlands and cranes to descend, and based on ecological, organic, and green industrialized breeding standards, it has created an integrated production, supply and marketing food supply chain. "Ecology, health, health" is the business philosophy that runs through the standardized operation system of educated youth cuisine. It originates from the essence of Yugan cuisine, innovates the taste of diet and health care, and inherits the style of the educated youth culture of Laohu. The food culture of the "Hometown of Love and Educated Youth" allows visitors to fully experience the nostalgic feelings of the young intellectuals and the Yugan cuisine on the tip of their tongues.
Poyang Lake's original ecological aquatic products (carp, cormorant, cormorant, cormorant, green, grass, cormorant, turtle, lake shrimp, lake snail, silver fish, etc.), Yugan specialty products (maple pepper, black chicken, black coriander, quinoa, Mochi, rice sugar), Yugan Tujia (traditional jacquard meat, Dendrobium crock pot stewed chicken, glutinous rice crackers, etc.) are the main dishes; salty radish, rice dumplings, glutinous rice, taro dumplings, wild vegetable dumplings, and rice Noodle soup, wowotou, pickles, vegetable leaf porridge, millet porridge, sorghum rice, miscellaneous noodles, rice noodles, stir-fried noodles (oil tea noodles), green onion cakes, vegetarian vegetable soups, etc. Culture + educated youth culture renders the dining atmosphere as an atmosphere and experience a nostalgic emotion and food culture propaganda activities of the young generation.
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